Wasp 2.0

Wasp 2.0
Item# wasp-2.0
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Wasp 2.0


* Handle not included

Technical Specs:
120 Watts-approximately 14,000 Lumens
90 degree beam in water
40 Minute burn time @ 100%
Approximately 2 Hour charge time
• 0-100% Dimmer
Battery gauge
Ball mount included
96Wh Lithium-Ion battery
Airline approved!
5 year warranty, including batteries!
CE rated

1in standard mounting ball


The Wasp is amazing. I am not a professional photographer by any means. I have just started to play with photography on this trip to Australia. The pictures of the nudibranches were taken with a Panasonic GH2 in a 10 Bar housing with a 14 - 42mm F3.5 lens.The wasp was set to 60%. I leave the wasp on at around 15 percent through out the dive until I come up to the subject I wish to photograph or video and then turn it up accordingly, which is quite a bit throughout the dive. This way my dive buddy does not get blinded. I am extremely impressed with the burn time of the Wasp. I'm doing three dives a day don't need to charge it between dives. Had I been using the Light & Motion on the bulky arms, I would have never been able to fit between the pillars of the pier in the heavy current. The risk of hitting the lights off the pillars or even worse, a weedy sea dragon or other life, would have been far too great. I would have never been able to get that close to the subjects. I also would have had issues with the burn time. The Wasp may be slightly heavy on land, but once in the water, every other benefit of the Wasp outweighs the weight factor on land, no pun intended. I look forward to taking the Wasp up to Cairns next week to see what else I can capture on film and video on the Great Barrier Reef. Thanks for a great product. So far down under, nobody has seen anything of its equal! Everyone thinks its amazing!
Jody Mason

I wasn't quite sure about this light, as I couldn't find anyone in my area who had purchased one. But after biting my tongue and getting one, all I can say is I'm impressed. I would most definitely suggest this light.